A man holding a large fish on top of a boat.

A Legacy of

Fishing Passion

As a family-owned business, fishing isn't just a hobby—it's our way of life. Growing up immersed in the joy of fishing alongside our own families, we understand the value of creating rods that stand the test of time and passing down the tradition to future generations.

Community & Conservation

Meat Hunter Rods isn't just about fishing; it's about fostering communities that value water health, fish, and the sheer delight of fishing. We're dedicated to supporting initiatives that promote sustainability and the well-being of our aquatic ecosystems.

A man and boy holding fish on the beach.
A man holding a fish while sitting on the dock.

Crafted for Heavy-Duty Fishing

Born in the rivers and lakes of the south, Meat Hunter Rods are designed for heavy-duty fishing. Whether it's reeling in sizable catfish, trolling for spoonbill, participating in shark tournaments in the gulf, or hunting sturgeon out on the West Coast, our rods are versatile and durable.

If you're a fan of pursuing large species of fish, try our rods and witness what you can reel in within your area. Join our community and experience the thrill of landing your trophy catch.

A man in a boat with an orange hat.
A man standing next to a large fish in water.

Meet The Owner
Charles Crook

We are a family owed company who loves to fish. We grew up like most of you fishing with our family. We strive to build a rod that you can pass on to your kids as well. We want our rods to be a part of fishing communities that support water health, fish, and the joy of fishing.